About Aitken Inks

   Although the name, Aitken Inks, is a more recent concept, the designs and ink work behind it has been around for quite some time. Ever since I was young, I loved to doodle and create these abstract designs.


As I grew, so did my ink work. In high school, I began to develop them into real art pieces, with meaning and depth. When I got to college, a friend and I collaborated on an art show where my ink work designs were based on her piano compositions. I even sewed a dress made out of fabric that I batiked with my designs. 


After college, I started integrating watercolor into the ink work and using the mandala as an influence. Then, I hit a rough personal time and needed an outlet for some of the thoughts and emotions running through me. Thus, the character incorporation with the mandalas were born. 


As life has marched on, so I have continued to use these pieces as I do my other artwork; as my reflections on life. 

                                                                                        Liz Aitken