Why a commission?



There can be a lot of reasons why you may be interested in a commissioned piece.


Perhaps you saw a piece you love, but it is sold!


Or maybe you saw a mapscape painting that struck your eye, but it would have a little extra meaning if it was your hometown.


It could just be that you want a beautiful piece of art that reflects your personality, memories, values, family and is able to match your living room. When I work on commissions, we sit down together, talk about what you're looking for, and dream up something not just gorgeous to fit your walls, but a work of art that shows you.  


My commission work can be oil, encaustic, or the ink work found on Aitken Inks. 

How does it work?

 Step 1: Get the Specs 

The very first thing to do me!

Then, we can get started by gathering the following primary information:

  • Size

  • Color

  • Medium (Oil, Encaustic, Ink)

  • Subject 

We do this one or two ways depending on location:

  • Home Visit- If you are in the Charleston area, I will bring a couple examples of my work for you to see up close. I will measure your space (to be sure the painting will fit and be the correct visual size) and take photos of the surrounding area (so that the colors all match in unison). Then, we will sit down together and decide the exact meaning and feel to the artwork. I also may do a couple sketches in front of you to get a complete understanding of what you may want.  


       *I do ask for a non-refundable home fee of $25 that 

         will be taken out of the final painting price.

  • If you are outside the Charleston area, we will speak on the phone or email about the specifics for the piece of art. 

 Step 2: Pricing & Initiation 

After we have agreed on a price, I ask for 40% non-refundable of the total price. This is for the materials and the time it takes to begin the work. The remaining percentage is to be paid at the satisfactory completion of the work. Then, I create a final rough sketch of the piece and give you the key colors.  

 Step 3: Sketches & Updates

During the progression of the piece, I send updates and open up the studio to let you see the progress. I make sure that we are both on the same page throughout creation. 

 Step 4: Final Viewing & Payment

At the completion of the artwork, I will send a final photo (or have a final studio visit) to make sure you are happy with your piece and then we will finish up the payment. 

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