My Art Archive


 This is my art archive where you can find a complete collection of my oil and encaustic works.

The pieces I create are inspired by the beauty I have discovered in the world around us. There is the natural wonder of changing seasons and the rising and setting of the sun. Then, there is the bittersweet feeling of a joyful memory, that remains with us over time. Beauty can be found in the joy of a child lost in their own imagination, or in an adult so filled to the brim with emotion, that it pours out and makes them dance. However, the most beautiful thing in all the world to me is love and the most loving thing that I have seen is when humanity helps one another. When someone sacrifices just a bit of their own comfort, wealth, or safety, for another person, it is extraordinary.

So, welcome to my findings and please browse through to see what pieces perhaps reflect a bit of the beauty in your life.    

Check out my Figuratives paintings. They are filled with images of figures. 

Click on the Mapscape link to view the abstract maps that I have created.

Explore the Nature section of my Archive. Here, you will find my reflections on the beauty of nature.